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Where can I find a scanner at D. H. Hill Library?

NC State faculty, students, and staff are invited to use scanning equipment and software in both the the Digital Media Lab and the Learning Commons.

The Digital Media Lab has both flatbed and vertical feed scanners available. Click here for more details on these.

There is a Zeutschel Book Scanner and two BookEye scanners in the Learning Commons. There is also an additional Bookeye scanner in the Quick Print room adjacent to the Learning Commons.

To use the Zeutschel scanner, a user will require a USB flash drive in order to save their scans. These can be checked out from the Ask Us center if required.

If using the Bookeye scanners, users have the option to save via e-mail, Google Drive or USB flash drive.

There are also two WolfCopy printers in the Learning Commons, and one in the Quick Print room, that may also be used for flatbed or sheet fed scanning.

To scan:
1.) Swipe ID card or type in unity log in information
2.) Insert USB drive
3.) Follow the menu prompts and then save your file
4.) Remember to take your document out of the flatbed scanner

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