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What are the fines for recalled books and overdue electronic device and course reserve items?

Fines for recalled books are $3.00 per day. Fines for overdue course reserve materials are $1.00 per hour on 2-hour materials, and $1.00 per day on 1- and 3-day materials.

For electronic devices in the Technology Lending Program, the overdue fine is $10.00 per hour for 4-hour items or $10 per day for devices with a 3- or 7-day loan period.

Overdue 4-hour and 3-and 7-day peripherals, such as thumb drives, cords, and cables, have overdue fines of $1 per hour and $1 per day, respectively.

See Fine Structure and Grace Periods for a summary of the fines and fees associated with every item type.

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