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What happens when materials are overdue?

A courtesy reminder notice is sent five days prior to the due date for books and other media, and one day for those electronic devices in the Technology Lending Program that circulate for one or two week loan periods.

Overdue notices are sent via email when books and other media are one day overdue and again at ten and thirty days overdue. For electronic devices, with their briefer loan periods, those notices are sent at one, three, and seven days past the due date.

The ten-day notice for books and other media includes a warning that non-return of the book could result in a bill for replacement of $100 plus a processing charge of $25. If a book reaches 60 days overdue, a bill is issued and the $125 charge is transferred to the borrower's university account for collection. Books returned past 60 days overdue still incur the processing charge of $25.

For electronic devices in the Technology Lending Program, a $10.00 per hour fee applies.

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