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Where are the printers and scanners located in Hunt Library?

A black & white printer (jhl-2320-1) is located in the 2nd floor on the west side of the building along the wall adjacent to Study Rooms 2312 - 2315 and across from the lockers.

A black & white printer (jhl-3200-1), a color printer (jhl-3200-color1), and a book scanner can be found in the The Productivity Center. The Productivity Center is centrally located in the NextGen Learning Commons on the 3rd floor.

Two black & white printers and two book scanners are available on the 4th floor. One black & white printer (jhl-4520-1) and one book scanner are located in the Learning Commons. There are also 4 workstations with document scanners and 2 workstations with flatbed scanners located in the Learning Commons.

Another black & white printer (jhl-4300-1) and book scanner are located in the Graduate Student Commons on the right immediately as you enter the space.

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