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I am a retired faculty or staff member. Can I still use the Libraries?

Yes, you are very welcome at the Libraries. As a retired faculty member you have access to all the privileges and services you had while you were active faculty. Likewise, retired staff have all the borrowing privileges that active staff do, except for technology lending.

If your Unity ID is still active, you can simply continue to use your faculty ID to check out books and use your Unity credentials to access our online services and resources. If your Unity ID is no longer active, consult with your department's human resources representative.

Retired faculty also continue to have access to the Faculty Research Commons at both the D. H. Hill and Hunt Libraries with the campus ID card. In addition, D. H. Hill has a room reserved for the Association of Retired Faculty on the Ninth Floor. The key is available for check-out at Ask Us.

D. H. Hill Faculty Research Commons
Hunt Library Faculty Research Commons

If you have any questions, staff at Ask Us will be glad to help you.

(Note for library staff.)

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