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How do I find the correct abbreviations for the journals I am citing in my article's reference list?

Standardized abbreviations are an essential part of citation practice in many fields. Citing Medicine is an example of one resource that provides Abbreviations for Commonly Used English Words in Journal Titles.

Abbreviations are governed by the ISO 4 standard and maintained by the ISSN International Centre. The annually updated List of Title Word Abbreviations contains the words of the titles of serials processed by the ISSN network and their abbreviations, approximately 55,650 words in about 70 languages. Visit the list at

Other general resources are the Periodical Title Abbreviations reference books, which unfortunately have no online version. These are held at the DH Hill Library reference desk and branch locations.

Consider asking a librarian. We are glad to help you find abbreviations as you prepare your papers and publications.

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