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How do I project my laptop onto the screens in the Group Study Rooms at the D. H. Hill Library?

Most of the group study rooms in the bookstacks have an HDMI and VGA cable available to enable projection to the screens. If you are in rooms 1145, 1145A, 1145B, 3424, 3425, or 3426, you will need to check out an HDMI cable from Ask Us.

1. With your laptop turned off, connect the VGA or HDMI cable to it.

If you connect while your laptop is already turned on, you may have to locate this new connection manually:

Mac laptops will find the new display automatically. On PC laptops, you can press Function+F7 or Function+F8 or Function+F4 and choose your preferred option of display to help your laptop connect to the new display.

2. Once the laptop has located the new VGA or HDMI connection, the red light at bottom center of the screen should automatically turn green, and your laptop image should display on the big screen.

To display the same laptop image on both monitors, ensure that both the HDMI and VGA cables are connected to your laptop.

If you don't see your laptop image appearing on the screen then manually check the input option on the screen itself. Ensure that the input is set to either VGA or HDMI depending on which is most appropriate.

The monitor will play sound automatically if the laptop is connected through a HDMI cable. For VGA connections there is a small additional cable tied to the main cable that will need to be plugged into the sound port of your laptop.

If you need help connecting to the screen then contact Ask Us via phone, text, or chat here

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