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What happens to my personal data when I return laptops borrowed from NCSU Libraries' Technology Lending service?

Patron privacy on laptops we loan is ensured by an application called DeepFreeze. Any data saved or changed on the laptop is lost when the computer reboots or loses power for any reason. Any applications you install are gone at reboot. Any personal information such as IDs or passwords are lost at reboot. To protect your privacy, be sure to Turn Off laptops before they are returned. Just closing the laptop may not protect your information!

If you save your paper to the laptop's hard drive, and then you turn the computer off and back on, or the laptop is not plugged in and the battery dies, the paper will not be there and it will be unrecoverable. Save any files or data you wish to keep on USB thumb drives, burn the data to CD, or use WolfCall to access your 'K' drive/Unity/AFS space.

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