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What can I do if I lose a Word document I was working on?

Your best bet in recovering a Word document is going to the auto save folder.

Follow these steps to find an auto save file:

Go to the blue file tab in the top left corner in Word.

Click on the Options button on the menu on the left hand side.

On the left of the window, click on the "Save" tab.

There will be a file directory listed under "AutoRecover file location." Highlight this directory, right click, and copy the directory name.

Now go to Start -> Documents. At the top of the Documents window, paste the AutoRecover directory in the address bar and hit enter/return on the keyboard.

If your Word document was auto saving, there should be a file with part of your word document name, ending with .dat. An example would be "chemhomework.dat."

Double click on this file. It may ask you to select a program to open the file. Select "Open With" and then click on the "Select program from a list" button. Hit OK, and it should bring you to a list of programs. Select "Microsoft Office Word" and hit OK (If this does not work then try opening with Notepad as an alternative).

Your AutoRecovery file should now open in Word. It may ask you to close a dialog box. Close the "Word Options" box if it is still open by clicking OK or Cancel in this window and the file should now open.

This file is the most recently saved point that Word auto saved. You may not have all of your work, but you should have most of it. Remember to continually save your work to your K: drive while working, and always email or save a file to a thumbdrive after you finish working on it and BEFORE you close Word.

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