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Where can I locate historical stock prices?

1. CRSP, available through WRDS (NCSU only, mostly for statistical analysis)

2. Yahoo! Finance contains some historical stock price information. Search by company ticker in the top left search box.

3. Morningstar Library Edition (NC Live)

4. historical newspapers.
e.g., search for 'stock quote' and specify a date range.

5. Directory of obsolete securities (available in print) – the latest one that we have is the 2004 edition – DH Hill Library 4th floor HG4961 .D56
(UNC-CH has the latest one at Davis Library Reference HG4961 .D56 2008 Available (library use only)
-This has information about when stocks split, etc.

6. Moody's handbook of common stocks. There are numerous catalog records for this and related titles, so it may be easier to browse the shelves.
D.H. Hill Library: 4th floor STACKS – HG4905 .M815
1965:n.3-1968:n.1, 1968:n.3-1970:n.3, 1971:n.1-1975:n.3, 1976:1-1995:spring, 1995:fall-1999:spring

7. ISL daily stock price index. New York Stock Exchange
James B. Hunt, Jr. Library: bookBOT Call Number HG4915 .I23 1962-1971
Continues as - Daily stock price record New York Stock Exchange
D.H. Hill Library: STACKS – HG4915 .S664 1973-2004
James B. Hunt, Jr. Library: bookBot Call Number HG4915 .S664 1980-2000 (issues missing)

Note: Since this kind of research can get pretty complicated, fairly quickly, there are companies that do just this sort of historical stock research. Here are some state government sites that offer a list of possible companies to contact:

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