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How do I print a patent?

This question has become a lot easier to answer, with upgrades to the USPTO website.

If you already have a patent number, the easiest way to get a printable PDF of a patent is to use Google Patents. Search for the patent number with the appropriate country prefix (e.g. US12345678 for U.S. Patent #12,345,678). In the patent record, click the "View PDF" or "Download PDF" button.

Alternatively, you could search using the USPTO's web search interface, PatFT. When you pull up an individual patent record, you can retrieve a PDF by clicking on the "Images" button. If the patent was granted in 1976 or later, the full text is also available as a web page (albeit without the drawings). If the patent was granted prior to 1976, only the PDF option is available.

#0332 | 2013-08-26 DZ

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