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Are there any Linux or Eos computers in the D. H. Hill Library?

We have several different options for using Eos machines at D. H. Hill Library.

There are nine Eos machines (6 Linux and 3 Windows) on the second floor North tower in DH Hill (Hillsborough Street side).

The Learning Commons has ten Eos Windows machines available. These can be found opposite the GIS workstations, close to the group study rooms.

The Graduate Commons has two Eos Linux workstations located at the very back of the room.

Finally, there is one Eos Linux machine inside the Digital Media Lab on the first floor.

The list here contains all of the programs available on Eos machines.

The programs listed will be available to everyone, with a few exceptions. Only College of Engineering students have access to Labview, Tecplot, and Slickedit. College of Engineering students also have access Timberline, Primavera, Aspen, and Comsol Multiphysics, but these are only available through the VCL.

There are other locations on campus that provide access to Linux computers as well. Some labs may only be available during certain times or for students enrolled in particular classes. Check the College and Departmental Computer Labs site for additional information.

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