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How do I use the Zeutschel Book Scanners?

Zeutschel Book Scanners are a convenient option for scanning bound materials. They scan the material from overhead with each scan taking only a few seconds to complete.

How to scan

1. Insert your USB or memory card.

2. Lay the book or journal on the scanner face up. Adjust the platform so that the pages you want to scan are flat and at the same height relative to the overhead scanner. Lock the book cradle using the button on the keypad so the book won’t move if you need to hold the pages down.

3.Use the directional pad on the machine to navigate the menu and adjust the options to best suit your needs.

Page Mode
Full: Scans both left and right sides of the book and saves as one page
Left: Scans and saves only the left side
Right: Scans and saves only the right side
Split: Scans both sides of the book and saves each side as individual pages
Color mode
Color: Scans in color which creates larger file size. Only use this option if there is a color image you need to see on the page. It can be applied per page scanned instead of per file.
Gray: Scans in gray scale with creates smaller file sizes than color scans
On: After scanning the surface, it crops out everything surrounding the book
Off: Scans and saves the entire area on the black platform
Crop: Crops the black area above the book, but not the sides
File Format
JPG: Each scan saves as a separate file
PDF: Each scan saves as a separate file
PDF Multipage: Will group separate pages scanned together into one file
TIF: Each scan saves as a separate file
TIF Multipage: Will group separate pages scanned together into one file

4. Hit the green button or tap the green diagonals on the black platform to begin scanning

5. Changing Options: You can change options while you are scanning without affecting previous pages scanned to the same file. This is useful when you only have a few pages with color images to switch between gray and color scanning while keeping the file size small. You may also scan most of the file in split page mode but scan the first page in right page mode and a last page in left page mode.

6. Deleting Pages: If you are not happy with one of the preview scans in the middle of a job, use the arrow keys to select Delete on the screen and press ok. This will only delete the most recent scan, not the entire document.

7. To save the current file and start a new file, hit the white Okay button to save the last page scanned and then the red C button. If you don’t do this and you are in one of the multipage modes, you will create one large file rather than several distinct files. If you are not in multipage mode each scan will save as separate files.

8. Once you are done, hit the red C button and disconnect your USB drive

When you open your USB drive, you’ll see a new folder labeled Bookcopy. All your scanned files will be in this folder

If you have trouble scanning, ask for help at the Ask Us centers located on the first floors of D. H. Hill and Hunt Libraries.

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