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How can I print from a laptop?

Using money in your AllCampus account, NCSU students, faculty, and staff can use WolfPrint at and then choose "Web Print" to send a print job to printers across campus, including many in the NCSU Libraries. For more detailed instructions see How to Print at NCSU Libraries. See the list of printers in the D. H. Hill and Hunt Libraries.

Only PDF files can be printed with the "Web Print" tool at WolfPrint. Note that Microsoft Office 2007 provides the option to save as a PDF.

Color printing with your AllCampus account:
- "WolfPrint-Color-Libraries" in the Learning Commons and Quick Print room. 30 cents per page.
- "WolfPrint-Color" in the Unity Lab (directions). 25 cents per page.

Only NCSU students, staff and faculty are able to print to library printers from personal laptops.

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