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Where can I find the US News and World Report college and graduate school rankings?

These are actually published by US News and World Report as separate serials. One is entitled America's Best Colleges, which can be found at call number LB2331.63 .A46 at DH Hill Library. The other, America's Best Graduate Schools, is adjacent, at LB2331.63 .A47. The most recent editions of these publications are available in the Reference section (1st floor, in the Learning Commons), and previous editions are located on the 5th floor in the bookstacks.

To see all holdings in the Libraries, check the Catalog. Other publications with alternate rankings are also available in the Libraries.

Some of the rankings can be found online through the Libraries' subscription to US News and World Report. However, the online rankings are incompletely indexed by the vendors and not available for recent years. The Best Colleges and Best Graduate Schools web sites from the US News and World Report present summarized rankings even to non-subscribers.

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