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How do I find ERIC documents?

Some items in the ERIC database have an ERIC document number (looks like: ED485597). Currently, there is no online access to ERIC documents because ERIC (created by the US government) has discovered that some ERIC documents have social security numbers associated with them.

Many ERIC documents not available electronically in the ERIC database may be available in the Libraries' microfiche collection. However, the microfiche collection of ERIC documents is currently stored in the bookBot at the Hunt Library. The microfiche collection includes: ED 000001 (1958)-ED 483046 (2003). So, please request ERIC documents not available online through Tripsaver.

Another useful search strategy for obtaining ERIC documents is to search for the publication by title in Google. Many ERIC documents are freely available on government and agency websites.

#0255 | 2016-09-16 JG

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