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Does the library have NTIS documents? How do I locate NTIS documents?

The library has a large collection of NTIS documents, usually in digital form on a CD or on microfilm, but it does not have every document. Here are the steps to take to obtain these documents:

  1. First check to see if the document is available online by searching the web (use Google or another broad search engine). This approach does not always turn up this type of document, but when available, this makes the search easy.

  2. If a general web search for a document doesn't work, search deeper by checking the publishing agency's site, or try the following portals:

  3. Search the Libraries' catalog by title or author to see if the document is readily available in the Libraries. Most of these are not cataloged, so not finding it doesn't mean the Libraries doesn't own it.

  4. If you haven't been able to locate the document in the Libraries or online, place a Tripsaver request for it. Log in to your library account, then please use the "Media / Microforms Request" request form on the Tripsaver tab. We will then check to see if the document is in our collection in the Hunt Library bookBot. If it's not available, we will attempt to locate the document at another library. If we need to find your document elsewhere, it will take longer to complete your request.

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