Envisioning Research: Annual Research Image Contest, 2016–18

  • Anna Stepanova
    Anna Stepanova, ARABIDOPSIS SEED, First Place, Microscopy, Faculty & Staff. 2018
  • Anna Petrasova
    Anna Petrasova, SPATIO-TEMPORAL VISUALIZATION of ACTIVE TRANSPORTATION PATTERNS, First Place, Graphics, Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Researchers. 2018
  • Mario Simon Pinilla Gallego
    Mario Simon Pinilla Gallego, IMPATIENT BUMBLEBEE, First Place, Photography, Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Researchers. 2018

Upper limit telescope, lower limit microscope—that’s one way to describe the human eye. NC State researchers regularly push through these limits working in fields such as Life Sciences, Entomology, Agricultural Engineering, Geospatial Analytics, and many more. Discoveries are made by looking deep into the essence of a thing or by visualizing it from a new perspective. And what researchers see is often spectacular.

Opening Monday, October 22, the exhibit “Envisioning Research: Annual Research Image Contest, 2016–18” celebrates the artistic imagery that comes from research and scholarship on campus. Shown on the walls of the D. H. Hill, Jr. Library Gallery and the dynamic screen in the Hunt Library iPearl Immersion Theater, this exhibit gathers the best of the first three years of the Envisioning Research program, an annual campus-wide competition and showcase of the winning images and videos. The exhibit runs through March 2019.

Taken by graduate students and postdocs, researchers, and faculty and staff in the course of their work, these stunning images range from a fly inside a Venus Flytrap, to the swirl of sea surface temperature along the Gulf Stream, to a visualization of the patterns of pedestrians through Victoria Square in Adelaide, Australia. You’ll see conductive synthetic fibers from cutting-edge textiles research and the surface oxidation of liquid metals that only biomolecular engineers get to glimpse. This exhibit displays how much specialized seeing is a part of thinking and doing at NC State.

Started in 2016, Envisioning Research is a collaboration between the NC State University Libraries, the Office of Research and Innovation (formerly ORIED), the Graduate School, University Communications, and the College of Sciences. The program was born out of a desire to make NC State research more accessible by using art as a medium to explain complex discoveries.



  • Staff profile photo
    Molly Renda
    Former Exhibits Program Librarian


Monday, October 15, 2018 to Monday, March 18, 2019


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Exhibit is free and open to the public during regular library hours.

Directions and parking information: There is metered parking along Hillsborough Street. Please contact Molly Renda regarding special accessibility needs.