eMammal Lite in the Hunt Library

  • One of many animals to be identified in eMammal Lite One of many animals to be identified in eMammal Lite

Do you know your wildlife? The iPearl Immersion Theater provides a new way to explore over 4,000 candid animal photos from eMammal Litea web-based animal tagging game that tests your ability to identify common, and not so common, animals from around the world captured in camera trap photos.

Consisting of photos from 30 research projects around the world compiled by the citizen science camera trapping program eMammal, eMammal Lite brings the challenge of tagging animals in camera trap photos without the need for your own camera trap. Since its launch in the winter of 2016 the eMammal Lite app has seen nearly 1,500 users tag over 58,000 animals. This new installation combines user tagging statistics, project information, and high resolution images to create an engaging exploration of the eMammal Lite photo collection.

Visitors to this exhibit can view a selection of camera trap photos from each research project accompanied by information about the project and tagging stats on each photo to get an idea of which animals are the hardest to identify. In addition to the photo gallery, visitors can also track user accuracy statistics, the most popular tagged animals, and compete to make it on the top five tagger board.

Play along at go.ncsu.edu/emammallite