2017 Graduate Student Research Symposium Winners

Showcasing NC State research at its best, the NCSU Libraries exhibits the winning posters from the annual Graduate Student Research Symposium in the Hunt Library’s iPearl Immersion Theater from Monday, Aug. 28 to Sunday, Sept. 3. The exhibit is free and open to the public and is co-sponsored by the Graduate School and the Graduate Student Association.

Each March, the annual Symposium celebrates the exceptional and diverse graduate-level research going on at NC State. Graduate Program directors nominate standout master's and doctoral graduate student researchers for the opportunity to display their research and practice and enhance their communication skills.

The Symposium includes poster presentations from more than 200 graduate students across NC State in eight categories: Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources, Design, Education, Engineering, Humanities, Life Sciences, Mathematical & Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences & Management.

Faculty chose the top three posters in each category, and DesireƩ Unselt, Vice President of the University Graduate Student Association, collaborated with Library Technician Mara Mathews and Associate Head of Research Engagement and Graduate Services Mohan Ramaswamy to show the winning posters in the Immersion Theater.

“The questions that graduate students are tackling may be ones that individuals have never thought about before,” Unselt says. “I know personally quite a few caught me by surprise either because the experiment has never been conducted before on what seems to be an easy question or because I never thought to pose the question and follow through with finding the answer.”

“The posters are displayed in the library to showcase the outstanding research being conducted at NCSU in a variety of fields,” Unselt adds. “It is truly something to be proud of.”