Marvin J. Malecha | The Urge to Draw, the Cause to Reflect

The Urge to Draw, the Cause to Reflect could be described as a collection of sketches, but the breadth of Marvin J. Malecha’s work extends far beyond the sketches. Dean of the College of Design and ever the consummate educator, Malecha provides insights into the creative process by augmenting the sketches with quotations and reflections.

The sketches, notes Malecha, “are the work of my hand guided by technique, inspired by experience and edited by thought.” Practice is a critical component in the equation, for mastery of technique allows the freedom to explore ideas and to capture a place or experience on paper.

Perhaps because his sketches reflect the essence of who he is, Malecha has been somewhat circumspect in making them widely accessible in the past. The NCSU Libraries is pleased to offer this glimpse into Malecha’s work and his creative process. “Draw to understand,” he urges, and his passion for that quest is obvious. By placing these sketches in a public setting, Malecha challenges each of us to explore, explore, explore.