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Leonardo Da Vinci spoke of “knowing how to see—saper vedere.” Knowing how to see is the realization of Goethe’s expression, "Thinking is more interesting than knowing but less interesting than seeing."" A sketch is always more than a simple recording of a place because of the editing that is a part of the process. In this sense, a sketch is a manifestation of pure thought.

The Urge to Draw the Cause to Reflect: 100 Drawings + Reflections, from Many Places, Times, + Spaces from the Foreword

A collection of sketches, evocative quotations, and short, impromptu reflections, the book explores and embodies Malecha’s fundamental premise that the act of drawing—no matter the task at hand—can release the innate powers of our own creativity, often bringing us to a state "when clarity is vividly present and understanding seems painfully obvious".

Always working with a drawing pad close by, Malecha shows how the notepad at hand in travels ranging over a decade from Hong Kong to Minnesota is integral to his practice as an architect and educator. At its core, this delightful book asks each of us to "Draw what you see. Draw to understand. Draw to enhance your skill of seeing. Draw to remember. . . . It will bring you an acute understanding of who you are."

Gracefully taking on subjects as varied as honoring one’s vision, living in the awe of our surroundings, and respecting the power of both the human hand and human technology, Malecha’s The Urge to Draw, The Cause to Reflect is a visual treasure and a powerful reflection of the mind and skills of a deeply engaged man, architect, and educator. “Pure thought,” yes. But pure delight also.

Published by the NC State University College of Design and NCSU Libraries Publications (2011)
Soft cover, jacketed: $30.00
108 pages, illustrated throughout
ISBN: 978-0-615-51435-2
Designed by Tania Allen