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Introduction to Arduino and MaKey MaKey

Category: Makerspace

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Do you want to build a robot that interacts with Twitter, a banana piano, or your own wearable electronics project? This workshop will cover the basics of Arduino and MaKey MaKey, two microcontroller circuits designed to make creating interactions between computers and the physical world easy for everyone. In this workshop, we'll create some simple example circuits and talk about how to check out electronics kits from the Libraries. Both Arduino Inventor Kits and MaKey MaKeys are available for one-week checkout from both Hill and Hunt Library, so participants will be able to take a kit home with them after the workshop to continue exploring and experimenting (based on kit availability).

Workshop Pre-Requisites

No electronics experience required! Laptops will be available for participants, but bring your own if you want to save and edit your projects after the workshop.

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This workshop is not currently scheduled.

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