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Analyzing Qualitative Data Using NVIVO

Category: Data Science

Tags: data, nvivo, research; data; analysis; open access

NVivo is a software that allows researchers to draw connections from interviews, articles, and other forms of qualitative data. This software helps researchers work efficiently and provides a space for analyzing large amounts of data in an organized process. The workshop will equip participants with the skills needed to meaningfully analyze qualitative data through the use of NVivo software. Prior knowledge of qualitative analysis is not needed to attend this workshop.

During the course of the workshop, attendees will receive an overview of the purpose and process of coding qualitative data, along with an introduction to the core functions of NVivo software. The following functions will be discussed: Adding files, creating codes, using codes, and analyzing intercoder reliability. After the talk, attendees will have the opportunity to practice using NVivo on provided computers.

Workshop Pre-Requisites

There are no pre-requisites for this workshop.

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This workshop is not currently scheduled.

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