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Communicate Your Science: How to Pitch Your Research to the World!

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As scientists and researchers, we are constantly called upon to communicate what we do- from casual banter at a dinner party table to research proposals for potential funding opportunities. Do you feel comfortable giving technical lengthy presentations but struggle to explain your research to people outside your field? How do you create a good story about what you do? Do you have an "elevator pitch" for your work? 

In this workshop, you will learn tips and techniques to communicate your ideas effectively and understand how to tailor narratives for different target audiences. You will actively work on creating a 60-second research "pop-talk", just in time to explain your research, with panache, over Thanksgiving to your family. Grandma will be prouder than ever! 

Dr. Haritha Malladi is a postdoctoral scholar in Civil Engineering. Her research interests are focused on sustainable roads and pavement management. She was the winner of the inaugural three-minute thesis competition at NC State and went on to win second place at the national-level competition. As a past participant in ComSciCon Triangle and Story Collider workshops, she has learned from the best about popular science communication. She is passionate about public outreach and believes that every researcher should be empowered to talk freely about their research to anyone. 

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There are no pre-requisites for this workshop.

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