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Basic Green-Screen Technology and Chroma-Keying Techniques

Category: None

Tags: film making, green-screen, movie making, workshop

In this workshop attendees will learn how to create a clean, high-quality image using green-screen technology and chroma-keying techniques, eliminating shadows, artifacts, and the green "halo effect," characteristic of amateur green-screen editing. The instructor will teach attendees how to choose the right background, light the set brightly and evenly, and place the subject properly to achieve the desire effect. Attendees will also learn how to use Adobe After Effects and KeyLite software.

Workshop Pre-Requisites

None. But familiarity with After Effects interface would be helpful, but not necessary. Also, familiarity with television/film instruments/terminology would be advantageous (camera, spotlights, Fresnels, aperture, etc.)

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This workshop is not currently scheduled.

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