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D3 Fundamentals I: Introduction to Web Development

Category: Data and Visualization

Tags: data visualization, javascript, web development

This introductory workshop to web fundamentals will act as a primer to the Visualizing Data with D3.js workshop that follows as Part II. This is targeted at people with little to no knowledge about web frameworks or programming, and can be attended independently of Part II of this series.

The Web Fundamentals workshop will introduce attendees to various web standards and technologies, and how they come together to create a cohesive web page. We will learn about the structure of HTML, and what constitutes the elusive Document Object Model (DOM) that HTML uses. We will also see how CSS and JavaScript come into the web picture, and how we can make use of them to alter the look and behavior of the DOM. In doing so, we will take a peek at looking at things with the Object Oriented Programming mindset.

During the course of the workshop, attendees will use a local web server from within the Chrome web browser and Chrome’s developer tools to debug and breakdown the web.

We will have MacBooks available for the attendees, but you can bring your own laptop as well running Windows, Mac OS, or Linux with the Chrome web browser installed.

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