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Intro to Biomaterials for Design Workshop with Annelie Koller

Category: Makerspace

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Join architect and biohacker, Annelie Koller, as she aims to demystify the brave new world of biodesign with a workshop using living organisms. She will introduce you to some DIY (or GIY*) techniques to grow your own biomaterials and explore biological systems as a valuable tool in design thinking.

This workshop will use organisms such as bacteria, yeast and mushroom mycelium to create a range of materials from cellulose "leather" to mycelium building materials. These tools can be used for prototyping and help expand the participants thinking on how this may be applied in a new direction of design, and ultimately change the way we make consumer products. This new way of manufacturing and materials will soon disrupt the resource-depleting methods we currently use.

Participants will leave the understanding of how the building blocks of life that can be used in design and protocols that they can safely use at home to experiment and explore further. Be prepared to get your hands dirty, but keep your organisms clean.

*Grow it yourself

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