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Making Molecules with 3D Printing

Category: Makerspace

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Learn how to make models of any molecule, simple or complex. The workshop will begin with discussing how to locate and download three dimensional molecular files for a small molecule and a large protein. Using free molecular visualization programs, we will then generate multiple versions of each molecule based on various types of representations commonly used in science classrooms. We will then discuss how to refine these representations for the highest quality and how to convert the files into a format compatible with common 3D printing software. Finally, the workshop will focus on parameters for the 3D printer that can be optimized to increase the quality of the models, minimize the amount of plastic needed and save time in the printing and cleaning up of the printed models.

The workshop will be taught by Kat Cooper, Ph.D. Graduate Student in the Department of Chemistry at NC State.

Workshop Pre-Requisites

None. You do not have to have attended the D.H. Hill Makerspace Orientation before attending this 3D printing workshop. However, you will have to attend an orientation before using the Makerspace outside of the workshop.

You can work on your own laptop or use one of the Makerspace's Macbooks. If you prefer to use your own computer, please install:

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