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Design and Printing of 3D Ceramics: Hands-on Workshop

Category: Makerspace

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Special workshop taught by Taekyeom Lee, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, Appalachian State University

Professor Lee will also give a talk on 3D Printing Ceramics the evening of March 30th.

3D printing has broadened creative possibilities for artists and designers and perception of three-dimensional experience. Especially, 3D printing has become more refined, common, and accessible, as well as cheaper – these new technologies have provided new tools for pushing boundaries of the medium both in terms of concept and materiality.

3D printed ceramics is a relatively uncommon material in the industry, compared to plastics and metals, but the medium is beginning to develop, despite a lot of inherent difficulties. Since ceramic 3D printer was not affordable and accessible, I decided to build my own toolkits; a self-build desktop 3D printer based on RepRap and my own paste extruders. Through this workshop, I will provide a demo and share the printing process.

The workshop is structured to foster an eye opening experience and a personal approach to 3D printing ceramic objects. Topics introduced in the workshop include 3D modeling, 3D scanning, ceramic 3D printing and etc., and the workshop will be cover these topics:
  • Working with material (clay)
  • 3D modeling and/or 3D scanning
  • Prep for clay 3D printing
  • Basic knowledge about 3D printing
  • 3D printing clay
CAD skills preferred but not required.

Workshop Pre-Requisites

Open to NCSU students, faculty, and staff only.

None. You do not have to have attended the D.H. Hill Makerspace Orientation before attending this workshop. Prior experience and skill with CAD is preferred but not required.

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This workshop is not currently scheduled.

Please contact us to schedule this workshop or a personal consultation.

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