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Patchwork: Workshop for learning Git and GitHub

Category: None

Tags: creative coding, research; data; analysis; open access

Patchwork is a self-directed, hands-on workshop for learning Git and GitHub. The atmosphere is casual and informal; it is not an event full of presented tutorials and copious note-taking. You will be able to go at your own pace, with the help of a community mentor nearby in case you run into any trouble. Join us for a night of hacking and snacking and make some new friends while you're at it!

Newcomers to Git and GitHub: you'll leave with a merged pull request, a square on your contributions graph, and confidence to get more involved in the open source community.

A host of GitHubbers, as well as mentors from the community, will be on hand to walk you through your choice of learning modules:


  • Introduction to GitHub (requires nothing to be installed)

If you have questions about the command line, GUIs, or anything Git and GitHub-related, we're here to help.

Dinner and refreshments will be provided, courtesy of GitHub.

If you do not yet have a GitHub account, we ask that you sign up at before you attend the event. It's fast, easy, and of course, free. That way you'll be ready to go right out of the gate.

NC State is has a Educational Site license for Github Enterprise system. Any faculty or student of NC State University is allowed a free account with NCSU GitHub Enterprise.

If you are unfamiliar with GitHub and want to find out more, here are two articles to help:

Workshop Pre-Requisites

None - no prior coding experience needed. Participants will need to bring their own laptops.

Online Resources


This workshop is not currently scheduled.

Please contact us to schedule this workshop or a personal consultation.

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