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Think and Do Qualitative Research and R with Denae Ford

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In Think and Do sessions you'll learn how students and researchers at NC State use technology to support their research, and you'll get hands-on experience trying out some of those tools and methods.

In the “think” portion of this session you will learn how Denae Ford, PhD student in Computer Science, uses qualitative analysis tools to study gender in software development communities.  In the “do” portion, you will learn the basics of using R for qualitative analysis and get hands-on experience working with qualitative data sets.

Workshop Pre-Requisites


Workshop Handouts

Click the icon to download the file.
RCheatSheet.pdf (205939 bytes) R cheat sheet
RStudioIDECheatSheet.pdf (3583068 bytes) R Studio IDE cheat sheet
ThinkAndDo_DF_Slides.pdf (10158785 bytes) Denae Ford's "Think and Do" presentation slides

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