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Introduction to Text Analytics using SAS Studio

Category: Data and Visualization

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Workshop presented by Aaron Arthur, NCSU student & SAS intern.

In this workshop we will discover ways to perform quick, useful analyses of text with SAS Studio. We will break documents down into manageable pieces: words, sentences, and paragraphs. We will search for content keywords and other text that can help us to uncover the author’s intention or the underlying meaning of the story. 

Attendees will learn the basics of SAS Studio in order to manipulate and analyze textual data. These methods include:
Identifying the most common words, including proper nouns
Breaking text down into paragraphs, sentences, and lines
Tracking where specific words appear in a text to map meaning over time
Removing words using a stop list to avoid overcounting function words like “and” and “the”
Uncovering meaning using text analytics and visualization

Aaron Arthur is an NC State senior in Computer Engineering with a minor in Linguistics.  He created the DH Hill Makerspace Card Access System and has led numerous electronics workshops in the Makerspace.  He is currently a Technical Intern at SAS where he is working on a number of “data for good” projects, including the application of text mining algorithms to witness report data to better understand deaths the international migrant crisis.

Workshop Pre-Requisites

All of the software necessary for this workshop (SAS Studio OnDemand for Academics) will be provided during the workshop.

You do not have to have attended the D.H. Hill Makerspace Orientation before attending this workshop. 

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