Modern Libraries Tour Series: Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library




Event Description

Join us as Martha Saccocio, Maryann James-Daley, and Maggie Gilmore from DC Public Library provide us with a virtual tour of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library. Designed by pioneer of modernist architecture Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the library is standout for both its aesthetic and the innovative services provided inside its walls of steel and glass. We’ll discuss recent renovations and the initiatives that make the Martin Luther King Jr. Library such a valuable resource for its patrons. This event is a part of a series that will allow us to explore what is happening at cutting-edge libraries across North America.

Martha Saccocio serves as the interim Director for Public Engagement for DC Public Library. Maryann James-Daley serves as the Director of Public Services for Central Library. Maggie Gilmore serves as a Librarian for the Adult Services Department.

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Brooke Peters


If assistive technology, live captioning, or other accommodations would improve your experience at this event, please contact us. We encourage you to contact us early about this to allow sufficient time to meet your access needs.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library