Coffee & Viz - Visualizing Functional Morphology: Digital Reconstruction of Anatomy and Performance in Living and Extinct Species


Friday, September 20, 2019
9:30am to 10:30am

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Event Description

Digital methods are revolutionizing the way functional morphologists conduct research. In this talk, Drs. Adam Hartstone-Rose and Edwin Dickinson will discuss how these approaches are improving the visualization of the anatomy and functional morphology of both living and extinct species and how these revealing approaches inform our new understandings about evolutionary biology. They will present analyses based on new approaches to three-dimensional data acquisition (including contrast enhanced micro-CT), digital methods of reconstructing these data and their incorporation into functional models of musculoskeletal performance, and the use of paleontological analysis for the reconstruction of ancient species and environments.

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Karen Ciccone

Distorted skull (bottom) of an ancient giant honey badger with a digital reconstruction of what the complete skull (middle) and life appearance (top) of what the animal would have looked like alive.

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