Science in the Movies: Bugs - Fear, Fascination and Fantasy


September 13, 2016
7:00pm - 8:30pm


Event Description

In advance of Bugfest, join a panel of experts as they show and discuss clips of their favorite film insects, bugs and creepy crawlers.  The panel includes:

  • Dr. Marsha Gordon (Prof. of Film Studies at NC State University, and a regular contributor to WUNC’s “Movies on the Radio” segment)
  • Dr. Matt Bertone (Entomologist and NCSU Extension Associate)
  • Dr. Alper Bozkurt (NCSU Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and designer of “cyborg cockroaches”)
  • Dr. Holly Menninger (Director of Public Science, NC State's College of Sciences)

The discussion will be hosted/moderated by Brian Malow (the “Science Comedian”). 

Still from The Fly


Contact Information

Marian Fragola

Admission Information

Free and open to the public. Note  Some of the clips presented may not be suitable for young children.

Other Information

Science in the Movies is co-presented by the NCSU Libraries and the Science Communicators of North Carolina.

Them! film still