Recent Books Authored by NC State Faculty

Plant-plant allelopathic interactions II : laboratory bioassays for water-soluble compounds with an emphasis on phenolic acids
Blum, Udo, 1939-, author.
Building bridges from high poverty communities, to schools, to productive citizenship : a holistic approach to addressing poverty through exceptional educational leadership
Bass, Lisa (Lisa R.), author.
Experimental biochemistry : theory, experiment, analysis and reporting
Hardin, Charles, author.
Labor relations in the public sector
Kearney, Richard C., author.
U.S. doctorates in mathematics education : developing stewards of the discipline
Materials for design 2
Bell, Victoria Ballard, author.
A guided tour of avian anatomy
Smallwood, James E.
Increasing multicultural understanding
Locke, Don C., author.
Creation stories : being the final product of the ADN480 Illustration Studio
The housing bomb : why our addiction to houses is destroying the environment and threatening our society
Peterson, M. Nils, 1976-
Lincoln and the union governors
Harris, William C. (William Charles), 1933-
Soapbox rebellion : the Hobo Orator union and the free speech fights of the industrial workers of the world, 1909-1916
May, Matthew Scott.
Women, science, and technology : a reader in feminist science studies
Show world : a novel
Barnhardt, Wilton.
The science class you wish you had : the seven greatest scientific discoveries in history and the people who made them
Brody, David Eliot.
27 views of Raleigh : the city of oaks in prose & poetry
What the dog knows : the science and wonder of working dogs
Warren, Cat.
Spatial capture-recapture
Royle, J. Andrew.
Lookaway, lookaway
Barnhardt, Wilton.
Using industrial organizational psychology for the greater good : helping those who help others
Research on technology in English education
Diamond-based materials for biomedical applications
World at War : first hand accounts from America's greatest generation
Reed, Nick, author.
Patient-focused network integration in biopharma : strategic imperatives for the years ahead
Handfield, Robert B., author.
Soil fertility and fertilizers : an introduction to nutrient management
Down by the bay : San Francisco's history between the tides
Booker, Matthew Morse, 1968-
History of the Department of Poultry Science and other poultry related programs at North Carolina State University, 1881-2010
Havenstein, Gerald B. (Gerald Bryce), 1939-, author.
Going to the dogs : greyhound racing, animal activism, and American popular culture
Thayer, Gwyneth Anne.
A handbook for analytical writing : keys to strategic thinking
Winner, William E.
Materialized views
Chirkova, Rada, author.
Essential statistical inference : theory and methods
Boos, Dennis D., 1948-
Phonics and word study for the teacher of reading : programmed for self-instruction
Fox, Barbara J.
Josephus Daniels : his life and times
Craig, Lee A. (Lee Allan), 1960-
Principal 2.0 : technology and educational leadership
Colloidal dispersions under slit-pore confinement : doctoral thesis accepted by Technical University of Berlin, Germany
Zeng, Yan, author.
Life after life : a novel
McCorkle, Jill, 1958-
Stardom and the aesthetics of neorealism : Ingrid Bergman in Rossellini's Italy
Gelley, Ora.
Encyclopedia of industrial biotechnology. Selections.
The politics of wine in Britain : a new cultural history
Ludington, Charles.
Upstream industrial biotechnology
Investments : analysis and management
Jones, Charles Parker, 1943-
Technology in schools
Know soil, know life
Clover all over : North Carolina's first 4-H century, 1909-2009
Clark, James William, 1943-
Writing now : shaping words and images
Odell, Lee. 1940-, author.
Leadership : leaders, followers, environments
Padilla, Arthur.
Maritime piracy and the construction of global governance
Scheherazade's daughters : the power of storytelling in ecofeminist change
Bennett, Barbara, 1959-
Abandoning the Black hero : sympathy and privacy in the postwar African American White-life novel
Charles, John C., 1968-
Metatheater and modernity : baroque and neobaroque
Witt, Mary Ann Frese.