Theta S 360° Camera

This camera captures 360° stills and full HD movies. Images can be stitched together into a spherical image with a free downloadable app. The camera has wifi and can live stream 360° (dual fish eye) video to a computer when connected by a USB cord. 


  • Includes Ricoh Theta S camera, charging cable, quickstart guide, and camera case.
  • iOS and Android compatible using the Ricoh Theta S app
  • User can control the camera via app on device, or use the camera directly. 
  • Allows user to capture 360° images and wirelessly transfer them to their phone or device


Please note that this device may not be renewed in person or online. After returning the device, you must wait 24 hours before checking out the same or similar device to ensure equitable access to the Libraries' limited supply of these popular items.

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