Available now in beta! Please contact Justin Haynes (jmhaynes@ncsu.edu) if you are interested in using the Othermill.

Usage Details

  • Desktop CNC milling machine
  • Create 2D and 3D objects out of materials like wood, plastic, wax, and foam using digital designs
  • Import design files into the milling software to callibrate the machine and create milling plan
  • Otherplan is compatible with multiple file formats: Eagle (.brd), Gerber, SVG (.svg) and G-code (.nc and .tap)
  • Seven kinds of milling bits are available; check out bits at the D.H. Hill Makerspace
  • Materials are available for purchase at the D.H. Hill Makerspace
  • You operate the machine; but you must attend the D.H. Hill Makerspace Orientation and tool-specific Othermill Safety Training first. Contact Justin Haynes (jmhaynes@ncsu.edu) if you would like to schedule an Othermill Safety Training.

Device Details

  • Build Area: 5.5 x 4.5 X 1.4 in
  • Precision: 0.001 in (0.0254 mm) 
  • Max Traverse Speed (Rapid): 60 in/min (1,500 mm/min) 
  • Spindle Speed: 10,500–16,500 rpm
  • Machine is not compatible with: glass, FR-4 (fiberglass), ceramics, stone, wood with high-ptch content and soft rubber
  • More info from Bantam Tools (formerly Other Machine Co.)

See our Othermill Guide for more informaiton.