MERGE Cube & Headset Kit

The MERGE Cube is a specialized foam block that allows the user to hold a virtual object in their hands. Learn, play games, and create in augmented reality by holding and moving the Cubeto manipulate digital objects.

Simply download and launch Cube apps on your smartphone or tablet, point your device at the Cube, and watch the Cube transform before your eyes to serve as a physical proxy for digital models. Compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows 10. 

Cube apps are available through the MERGE marketplace and most are free:

For an additional immersive experience, try slipping your smartphone into the MERGE Headset and free up both your hands to interact with the Cube as you watch via pass-through video stream. Games, interactive movies, and other apps which utilize the headset-mounted display are found on the MERGE marketplace: 



Some of our favorite MERGE apps include:

MERGE Object Viewer - Turn your 3D models into virtual objects you can hold in the palm of your hand! Great for sharing 3D content you've made in a course or workshop. 


MERGE Things- This is a 'variety pack' which shows off what the MERGE kit is capable of. Hatch and play with your very own octopus pet, navigate treacherous valleys as you pilot a spaceship, get hypnotized by a kaleidoscope of mesmerizing colors, and hold a campfire in the palm of your hand! 


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