Cricut Maker

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This powerful precision cutting tool from Cricut can cut through (and deboss, score & engrave) a vast array of flat materials under; from delicate items like paper and cardstock, fabrics and vinyls, to heavier and tougher materials like leather; even some woods. These materials are prepared for cutting by laying on 12” x 12” (or 12” x 24”) sticky mats (which range from ‘Light Grip’ to ‘Heavy Grip’, depending on the material you are using at the time) which then feed through the cutting machine.



Cricut Design Space, the companion software for the Maker, is a user-friendly and easy-to-learn, software design package and digital resource library. Design Space will also allow you to import scalable vector graphic (.svg) files as well. 

Where can I use this device?

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This device may not be used outside the Libraries.

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