Adafruit FLORA

FLORA is Adafruit's fully-featured wearable electronics platform. It's a round, sewable, Arduino-compatible microcontroller designed to empower amazing wearables projects.

The FLORA has built-in USB support. Built in USB means you plug it in to program it, it just shows up - all you need is a Micro-B USB cable, no additional purchases are needed! With the new 1.6.4+ Arduino IDE, it takes only a few seconds to add Flora-support. The FLORA has USB HID support, so it can act like a mouse or keyboard to attach directly to computers.

Kit includes:

  • FLORA microcontroller x1
  • NeoPixel LEDs x6
  • FLORA sensor (color, light, or accelerometer) x1
  • USB cable x1
  • Battery Pack x1
  • AAA batteries x3
  • Conductive thread spool x1
  • Sewing needles x5