Design Library: Overview of Image Resources and Related Services

Image Databases

NCSU Libraries offer a number of online image collections for teaching, research, and study for faculty, staff and students. Save time and effort by taking advantage of these valuable resources!

Design Library Image Collection

The Design Library Image Collection is an evolving and rapidly growing collection of images accessible through LUNA, a web-based digital library. The collection contains about 150,000 digital images covering art, architecture, landscape architecture, industrial design and graphic design, including plans, sections, and other drawings. Records for the Design Library’s 80,000 35mm slides, can also be searched via LUNA. Library staff will digitize slides from the collection and make the images accessible through LUNA upon request.

The image collection now hosts the Archivision Research Library, which is comprised of professional, high quality images covering architecture, urban design, archaeological sites, landscapes, gardens, and works of art. The Library is intended for scholarship and teaching in architecture and art history but also has broad appeal across disciplines.

Womb Chair, Eero Saarinen, Design Library Image Collection

With LUNA, patrons are able to take advantage of the following features:

  • Search and browse for images
  • Export individual and groups of images
  • Create media groups (folders)
  • Add images from Flickr to media groups and presentations
  • Share search results and media groups with persistent URLs or through a number of services, like NCSU Libraries course reserves, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Integrates with courseware
  • Export media groups directly into PowerPoint
  • Mobile support for iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone

For detailed instructions, see A Guide to the Design Library Image Collection in LUNA Insight 6.3.


ARTstor is a digital library of over 2 million images in the areas of art, graphic design, industrial design, the built environment, the humanities, and the sciences. It provides tools to browse, search, view, present, and manage images for research and teaching purposes.

Animal Shelter, Arons & Gelauff, ARTstor

With ARTstor, patrons have the ability to do the following:

  • Print and download images individually and in batches
  • Create image groups (folders) for later retrieval and presentation
  • Password protect image groups
  • Direct others to specific images or image groups through persistent URLs or HTML hyperlinks
  • Upload personal images, videos, and sound files
  • Export images and image groups to ARTstor’s Offline Image Viewer (OIV) presentation tool or into PowerPoint
  • Save citations for images or image groups, and email, print, or export them directly into EndNote, ProCite, RefWorks, Reference Manager or in a number of file formats
  • View free training webinars
  • Use images in scholarly publications free of charge with the Images for Academic Publishing (IAP) program
  • Mobile support for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devices, which features Flashcard View for study
  • Integrates with courseware

Some of these features require instructor-level privilages (open to students and staff as well). To obtain privileges (open to students and staff as well), email Barbara Brenny.

For instructions on getting started with ARTstor, see ARTstor Training Options. To learn how to use ARTstor's advanced features, see Instructor Level Access.


OCLC’s Catalog of Art Museum Images Online is a growing online collection of appproximately 100,000 images documenting works of art from prominent museums. Its contents represent global cultures from prehistoric to contemporary, covering the complete range of expressive forms. Images can downloaded and they may be used for educational purposes if they are cited.

Camio's browseable and searchable images may be downloaded and used for educational and research purposes, if they are properly cited.

Patterns, Textures, Backgrounds, and 2D Stock Images and 3d Objects

The Design Library Collection also has resources for other stock images, patterns textures, and backgrounds, as well as 3D digital objects. See the Media Resources page for more information.

NCSU Libraries: Special Collections Research Center

NCSU Libraries Digital Collections: Rare and Unique Materials

The Rare and Unique Materials database s a one-stop gateway to over 83,000 images, text and digital media, representing a broad array of collections which include the following and many more.

University Archives Photograph Collection

The University Archives Photograph Collection has over 47,000 images that provide a rich visual history about North Carolina State University from its opening in 1889, to the present.

Matheson Hotel Apartments, Louis Asbury, Beaux-Arts to Modernism

Built Heritage of North Carolina: Historic Architecture in the Old North State

The Built Heritage collection provides access to thousands of photographs and drawings of hundreds of buildings and structures in North Carolina dating from the 1700s to the early 1900s.

Beaux-Arts to Modernism

The Beaux-Arts to Modernism collection contains over 9000 architectural drawings and photos of buildings throughout North Carolina.

Edward T. Funkhouser Photographs

The Edward T. Funkhouser Photographs collection consists of color photographs, taken by Funkhouser, showing the campus of North Carolina State University, 2001-2010.

Complete descriptions of all collections in Rare and Unique Materials are available on Special Collections' Digital Collections and Publications page.

North Carolina Architects and Builders: A Biographical Dictionary

North Carolina Architects and Builders database chronicles the lives and works of architects, builders, and artisans who have contributed to North Carolina’s rich architectural history.Carter-Finley Stadium

Digital Image-Related Services at the Design Library

Image Requests/Copywork for Teaching, Research, and Study

The Design Library offers high-resolution digital copystand photography and flatbed scanning as ways to improve and develop the contents of the Design Library Image Collection (available through LUNA) to better meet the needs of its users. This service gives faculty and students the opportunity to shape the contents of the collection into an invaluable resource that reflects current topics in teaching and research. Images requested will be the property of NCSU Libraries. The library is not providing any personal image services at this time. See the Image Requests page for Image Request Forms and more information.

Scanning of Existing Slides in Design Library Image Collection

In addition to the 147,000 digital images, the Design Library Image Collection also contains about 80,000 35mm slides which may or may not be available in digital format. If you would like a slide(s) scanned or rescanned because of poor image quality, please contact the staff at the Design Library.


Contribute! is a program designed to encourage faculty to add their personal images to the Design Library Image Collection. The benefit of making your images part of the collection is permanent storage in a location where all university faculty, staff and students can access them.

We welcome your digital images and slides and will add them to the collection, if an identical image does not already exist in the Design Library Image Database, and if each image is of good quality and is properly identified. We prefer to make digital derivatives of the slides and return them to the owner. See the Contribute! page for the Digital Image and Slide Submission Form and more information on the program.

Training for Design Library Image Collection and ARTstor

The Design Library website contains instructional information on the use of the Design Library Image Collection and ARTstor. If they do not provide enough information for your needs, we also offer both one-on-one and group training. Contact Barbara Brenny or Karen DeWitt to request training.