Design Library: Contribute!

Contribute! is a program designed to encourage faculty to add their personal images to the Design Library Image Collection. The benefit of making your images part of the collection is permanent storage in a location that the College of Design and the entire NCSU community can access.

We welcome your digital images and slides and will add them to the collection, if an identical image does not already exist in the Design Library Image Database, and if each image is of good quality and is properly identified. We prefer to make digital derivatives of the slides and return them to the owner. Please refer to the Digital Image and Slide Submission Form when submitting your images. Providing the library with the necessary information on each image helps ensure faster processing and better image retrieval when users are searching the database.

When submitting digital images, we ask that they be at least 2048 pixels (3 megapixels) along the long edge of the image. See the Digital Image and Slide Submission Form for further details. All images, whether they are digital images or 35mm slides, must be of presentation quality. By this, we mean in focus, clean looking, without shadows, and not over- or under-exposed. We also ask that any 35mm slides you submit are not substantially damaged in any way. Please provide the source of the image, if it was taken from published material.

The contributor must grant in writing discretionary rights over the extended use, as well as physical custody, if applicable, of the photographic materials to NCSU Libraries.