SciFinder licenses FAQ

This page is provided to help you understand NCSU's access to SciFinder and its unique features.

Help and support:

How do I access SciFinder?

Access SciFinder via the access link on the Libraries' SciFinder page. All first-time users must register with an NCSU email address. You can access SciFinder from on- or off-campus, but you must go through the Libraries' access link in order to be authenticated as an NCSU user. Desktop client software is no longer supported as of June 30, 2011.

When is access available to SciFinder? When will there be downtime?

Per CAS' operating information, the operating hours for SciFinder are Sunday 1:00am until Saturday 10:00pm. On the first Saturday of every month, SciFinder access is turned off at 5pm Saturday until 1:00am Sunday..

I am not a student or faculty or staff member at NCSU. Can I access SciFinder?

In accordance with the terms of the NCSU Libraries' licensing agreement with CAS, we can only provide access to SciFinder to university students, faculty, and staff. Users must register individually with CAS, which requires an email address and an agreement not to use the database for commercial purposes.

Questions or comments about SciFinder ?

Need help accessing or using SciFinder? Contact your subject specialist.