Databases: 2000 long form in 2010 boundaries

2000 long form in 2010 boundaries

Allows users to access US Census data from 2000 and easily compare it with the 2010 Census data. Comparing census demographics from different census years can be a difficult task due to changing geographic boundaries. Normalized data assists researchers with comparisons of data across time by adjusting and weighting the census data to account for changes in geographies The Census 2000 Long Form is the most complete source of detailed information about the people, housing, and economy of the United States in 2000. This dataset contains variables such as income, housing, employment, language spoken, ancestry, education, poverty, rent, mortgage, commute to work, etc. There are 5,500 variables at the Block Group level and over 10,000 more variables at the larger geographies such as tract, zip code, county and state level. This product comes with built-in data viewing and exporting capabilities as well as thematically shaded, color-mapping capabilities.