Databases: FIAF international index to film periodicals database

FIAF international index to film periodicals database

The International Index to Film Periodicals contains over 500,000 article citations from more than 345 periodicals. It provides coverage of academicand popular film journals, many of which are linked to a library of film journals. Each entry consists of a full bibliographic description, an abstract, and comprehensive headings (biographical names, film titles and general subjects). Also included is The treasures from the film archives dataset -- a database containing credits and holdings information about the silent-era film holdings of film archives from around the world -- and the full text of 5 reference volumes: Oxford history of world cinema / edited by Geoffrey Nowell-Smith (OUP, 1997); Film analysis: a Norton reader / edited by Jeffrey Geiger and R.L. Rutsky (Norton, 2005); Critical ideas in television studies / John Corner (OUP, 1999); Encyclopedia of early cinema / edited by Richard Abel (Taylor & Francis, 2005); The Routledge companion to film history / edited by William Guynn (Taylor & Francis, 2011).