Data Management Planning

Data Management Planning for Researchers at NC State

What is a Data Management Plan (DMP)?

A data management plan is a formal document that outlines what you will do with your data during and after you complete your research. It describes the data that will be created, the standards used to describe the data (metadata), who owns the data, who can access the data, how long the data will be preserved (and/or made accessible), and what facilities and equipment will be necessary to disseminate, share, and/or preserve the data. Several funding agencies require or encourage the development of data management plans for research.

How do you write a DMP?

A Data Management Plan consists of many elements describing the preservation, sharing, and access for your data. For a breakdown of the primary elements to include in your data management plan, see:



Content on this page is adapted from the NSF Data Sharing Policy, Data Management & Sharing FAQ, University of Virginia.