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STS 302: Contemporary Science, Technology, and Human Values

Librarian: Carol Vreeland

Need an Idea/Topic?

Here are some "discovery" tools that you might want to try. There are others.

Browse current issues of the following journals in print or electronically:
(Links to the journals are also available through the E-Journal Finder.)

  • Science D. H. Hill Library: Q1 .S25
  • Nature D. H. Hill Library: Q1 .N2
  • New Scientist (full issue from 08/31/2002 through current, but delayed 6 month(s))
    New Scientist is also available through LexisNexis Academic, but there is no browsing capability; you'll have to search a specific topic.)
    D. H. Hill Library: STACKS-- Q1 .N5

Search the science search engine Scirus (http://www.scirus.com) for your broad topic, and look at the results list.
Note: the results screen also will suggest other keywords to search, based on your original request.
Scirus also provides a link to some of the latest scientific news articles from New Scientist.

Finding Journal Articles on Your Topic

General (Multidisciplinary) Databases and News Sources.

Academic Search Complete (NCSU only)

In the NCSU Libraries Database Finder, under the subject "General".

Provides abstracts and indexing for over 3,100 scholarly journals covering business, social sciences, humanities, general academic, general science, education and multi-cultural. It features full text for over 1,200 journals with many dating back to 1990, and coverage of The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Christian Science Monitor. Coverage: Indexing and abstracts, 1984-present; full text, 1990-present .


In the NCSU Libraries Database Finder, under the letter "J"

"Provides image and full-text online access to back issues of selected scholarly journals in history, economics, political science, demography, mathematics and other fields" of the humanities, social sciences, and biological sciences. Coverage varies for each title.

Select (from the bottom of the search page) one or more disciplines to search--for example, Ecology, General Science, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology. Then type in your search terms at the top. Note: truncation symbol (for singular and plural only) is the plus sign (+).

LexisNexis Academic (NCSU only)

In the NCSU Libraries Database Finder, under the subject "General".

LexisNexis Academic focuses primarily on business and law topics, with additional general news (international, national and local), medical, and reference resources. Most material is full-text.

To search for newspaper articles, select "News", then choose the region whose newspapers you want to search. Note: truncation symbol is the exclamation point (!).

The News and Observer (Raleigh, NC) (NCSU only)

In the NCSU Libraries E-journal Finder.
Search the newspaper online. Coverage: 1991-present.

Wilson OmniFile (NCSU only)

In the NCSU Libraries Database Finder, under the subject "General".

A multidisciplinary database. Coverage: 1982-present. (Indexing begins in 1982, abstracts in 1984, and full-text coverage in 1994.)

Other Science Databases.

Science Citation Index Expanded (via Web of Science) (NCSU only)

Multidisciplinary index to the journal literature of the sciences. Covers 5,900 major journals across 150 scientific disciplines. Has searchable author abstracts. Can view article bibliographies and search cited references and authors. Coverage: 1945-present. Updated weekly.

ScienceDirect (NCSU only)

Web database for scientific research that contains abstracts, articles and full text of more than 1000 Elsevier Science journals in the life, physical, medical, technical, and social sciences. Coverage: Varies by title.

Humanities and Social Sciences Databases.

PAIS International (NCSU only)

Public Affairs Information Service offers worldwide literature in public and social policy, law, finance, international relations, political science, law, public administration, and government. Indexes journals, reports, government documents, directories, books, statistical yearbooks, and conference proceedings. Coverage: 1972-present. Updated quarterly.

Philosopher's Index (NCSU only)

Contains author-written abstracts covering scholarly research in the fifteen fields of philosophy, published in journals and books from 38 countries. Coverage: 1940-present.

Social Sciences Citation Index and Arts & Humanities Citation Index (via Web of Science) (NCSU only)

Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) is a multidisciplinary index to the journal literature of the social sciences. Coverage: 1956-present. Updated weekly.
Arts & Humanities Citation Index (A&HCI) is a multidisciplinary index covering the journal literature of the arts and humanities. Coverage: 1975-present. Updated weekly

Search Tips

To search by keyword Type words or phrases and press [Enter]
lung cancer [Enter]
Retrieves records with the phrase lung cancer in the title, abstract, or subject headings
To truncate terms
(wildcard searching)
Type the word you wish to search followed by an asterisk (*)
vaccin* [Enter]
Note: The truncation symbol varies depending
on the database.
Retrieves records with terms beginning with vaccin such as vaccine vaccines vaccination vaccinating vaccinated
AND narrows your search lung cancer and prevention
Retrieves any record that contains both the phrase lung cancer and the term prevention.
OR broadens your search aids or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome [Enter] Retrieves any record that contains either the term aids or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.
Set searching #1 and #2 [Enter]
Note: May not work in all databases. Does not work in WWW search engines.
Retrieves records that contain both a term from set #1 and a term from set #2.
Nesting (Aids or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) and prevention [Enter]
Note: Used when set searching
isn't available.
Retrieves records that contain
either the term aids or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and the term prevention.

Related Resources

You might also want to try the following subject guide to locate additional resources. For a complete list of available guides, go to Research Guides by Subject.)


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