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HI 491u: The British Empire

Course Instructor: David Gilmartin
Librarian: Cindy Levine

Reference Sources

Reader's Guide to British History (2 vols.)
D.H. Hill Ref. DA34 .R43 2003
Look up a topic, and find summaries of key scholarship and books addressing that topic.

Historical Dictionary of the British Empire (2 vols.)
D.H. Hill Ref. DA16 .H56 1996
Good for finding background information on individuals, organizations, and events.

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (60 vols.)
D. H. Hill Ref. DA28 .O95 2004
Scholarly biographical information on over 50,000 individuals who shaped Britain's past, starting from their earliest history. Includes information on Americans during the Colonial period. Provides information on where papers are archived.

Encyclopedia of the Victorian Era (4 vols.)
D.H. Hill Ref. DA550 .E527 2004
With well-written and illustrated articles, this encyclopedia has interdisciplinary and international coverage of the British-dominated world during the reigh of Queen Victoria, 1837-1901.

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